About Nomadic Aviation Group Virtual: 

Nomadic Aviation Group Virtual was founded in January 2023 with the goal of bringing a realistic and enjoyable ferry/ flight test virtual airline option for simulator pilots. Never before has such a V.A been attempted and a demand has always been there! 


About our flight operations: 

Nomadic provides three types of operation; Assigned Ferry, Assigned Flight test or Own Ferry. These all work as described in the name... Use the dispatch request channel in the ops section of our discord with a request and general criteria for the mission you want, you will receive a flight package to Ferry or test an aircraft. We use real world maintenance/ flight manuals and data to emulate test flying procedures in the most realistic way possible and provide you (the pilot) with all you need to accomplish your mission. The same is also true of our Ferry flight programme. We offer the ability to interact 1 on 1 with your dispatcher to have a mission generated for you and to your liking. If you would rather not use a Dispatcher, we also allow you to design your own ferry flight mission, this allows you the freedom to fly the aircraft you want, where you like, when you like. 


Types flight operations: 

  • Crew lease operations (Cargo, Passenger and Charter) 
  • Ferry and Repositioning flights, both short and long haul 
  • Aircraft test, demo and certification flights